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Okay...I have some instructions for you. 
1. Go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/PuppySmiles
2. Look up PuppySmiles.
3. Order!

The creator of PuppySmiles creates the most amazing dog and cat treats.  My cats LOVED the Tuna and Catnip treats!  The cats at the animal rescue also devoured them! 
My dog also LOVED the Bacon and Peanut Butter dog treats.  They are healthy and she adores the taste.

The ingredients are listed on the bag and I think you will be very happy with the ingredients. 

There are lots of different flavors available!  Try some and I know you will be happy!  Your dogs and cats will also be thrilled!  These would make great presents for your cats and dogs!  Wrap them up and put them under the tree!  Or just give them as a special treat or birthday present. 
Either way, your animal will love you for giving them these amazing treats!

Oh my Gosh!  You guys have to check out this Etsy Shop.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadedDesignsJacquie
She designs the most AMAZING jewelry.  She also makes homemade cat collars.   They are so cute!  I put them on some of the cats at the rescue I volunteer for and they were so cute!  I will post some pictures of the cats with the collars soon because they are too cute.  You really need to look at her jewelry and cat collars.  They are totally worth buying and are great quality.  She ships fast and is very personable.  I will be purchasing from her soon for my animal rescue and my personal cats and I suggest you do the same.  The jewelry would make an awesome holiday gift for anyone!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadedDesignsJacquie
Check her awesome designs out! 
I recently gave my dog Bil-Jac dog food.  I was hesitant because the food looked like Yesterday’s News cat litter or rabbit food. She LOVED the taste though and I was pretty happy with the ingredients. 
The first five ingredients for the grain free adult chicken formula are
chicken, pea starch, menhaden fish meal, dried beet pulp, and brewer’s dried yeast.  I only gave my dog a little because she is allergic to chicken, and she loved it.  I also asked some friends and they said that they were pretty happy with Bil-Jac as well.  I love how they have grain free dog food which is great for dogs that have allergies like mine!  Have you guys ever tried Bil-Jac?  What was your experience with the dog food?  I am happy with it, how about you?  Comment below and let me know what you think! 
Kitty Kick Stix are amazing! I recently got two Kitty Kick Stix and
my cat Chico loves them.  He bites the top of them, wraps his front paws around the middle, and kicks the bottom with his feet.  It is soooo cute!  He bunny kicks them.  He growls when I try to take his Stix away and will drag it around the house and hide it from me.  
Each one is handmade with love and you can pick the design.  It also has bells inside which drive my cat crazy.  All I have to do is shake the Stix so that the bells jingle, and Chico comes running!  

These are 15 inch long Stix that your cat will love!  They are affordable and very sturdy.  These will last you a long time.  Only $20.00 for two of them!  Check them out at http://www.kittykickstix.com/.
Have you guys heard of Cat Dancer? 
I recently got a bunch of Cat Dancer’s toys. 
I was a little hesitant because the toys seemed so simple. 
A piece of wire with cardboard on both ends? 
Oh my gosh, my cats LOVED it! 
The piece of wire mimics prey behavior by moving around in different
directions without much prompting.  You don’t have to put your arm all the way up to get your cat to jump because of the circular wire.  That is what I love about these toys.   These amazing and affordable toys will have your cats gasping for air after a few minutes. 
There are other toys from Cat Dancer, and my cats loved them all.  The Whisker, Bowtie, and Ringtail Chasers are pieces of strong cardboard with some fabric attached.  I didn’t know if my cats would like
them, but they were pawing at them and swatting them around the floor within minutes.  Chico runs around with them in his mouth like he is showing off his prize catch!:)

Comment below for a chance to win some Cat Dancer’s products from
me!  Your cat will thank

Check them out at http://catdancer.com/default.htm.
You can also find their products at retailers like Petco.
I just got a package from Mistress Rowan from https://www.etsy.com/shop/MistressRowan?ref=l2-shopheader-name.
She sent me three catnip pillows that are sooo cute!  She uses organic catnip, which is very strong.  My cat went nuts for them! 
I had a hard time taking them away from my cat because she LOVES them so much!
The fabric is strong and has cute patterns on it.  It is FILLED with catnip and your cat will love it!  
Mistress Rowan also has fleece blankets for sale on her Etsy page as well as lots of knitted and crocheted goodies!  Check them out!
Comment below for a chance to win a catnip pillow from Mistress
Rowan!  Your cat will thank you!
You guys have to try these! 
Go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/DogSkoutCookies1 and order NOW!  
Diane Healy, the shop owner, makes the most amazing dog and cat
treats.  She sent me a package of goodies for my dog and cats.  They
loved them!  
There are tons of different flavors and kinds of treats.  My dogs and cats loved every one they tried.  I also gave some to the dogs and cats at the rescue I volunteer for and they went crazy for them!  Let me tell you, my cat Buffy is the pickiest cat I have ever known, and she devoured these treats!  
These treats are affordable and made using the best ingredients
with no preservatives.  How can you go wrong?!  There is fast shipping
and they some on the cutest package.  It would be perfect for a Halloween gift for making your dog or cat dress up. These treats may make up for that torture!  It would also be perfect under the Christmas tree!  
The holidays are coming up and these would make a great gift for
your furry family member or for a friend’s furry family member. 
I will be purchasing some for the holidays and I suggest you all do the
same!  P.S. The treats in the pictures are sample sized!


I recently got a bag of Pure Bites Chicken Breast Treats for
cats.  I LOVE these!  There is only ONE ingredient: chicken breast. 
The chicken is freeze dried so it does not have to be refrigerated.  The bag is about 1.09 ounces and costs about $2.69 at Petco.  I know this
seems a little pricey, but they are worth it.  Your cat will love them! 
Each piece is less than one calorie.  There are a few other flavors for cats,
and for dogs.  Try them!  Your cat or dog will love them, and you
will love them because they are so healthy for your furry friend!

I just got a package from https://www.etsy.com/shop/tinygiftboxes
They are perfect for children’s birthday parties. 
The kids can put little candies inside and take them home as a gift
bag.  You could also put little pieces of jewelry or beads inside them so that kids can make a necklace or bracelet as a party favor!  There
are tons of things you can do with these! 
I am using a paw print box and a cat box, which can be bought on her Etsy page, and I am putting doggie and kitty treats inside. 
Whenever a cat or dog is adopted from the rescue I volunteer for, they
will get a little box as a gift! 
As I said, there are so many ideas to use these boxes for! 
They also can come with tags for the boxes as well! 
Leave a comment if you would like 10% off of your purchase for these cute little boxes!  These are great!  Comment below for 10% off your tinygiftboxes purchase!
I recently got a cute little package form Suzanne at Suzanne’s Crafts at
Etsy.com.  She sent me the cutest cat toys!  They are all handmade and they have stuffing as well as catnip inside! 
Some of them even have rattlers inside them! 
My kitten Chico cannot stop playing with them. 
He carries the toys around proudly and gets mad if I try to take them
away.  Please respond to this post if you would like a chance to win some of Suzanne’s cat toys! 
Your cat will thank you! 
Check out her products at www.suzannescrafts.etsy.com
You will not be disappointed!

The Pampered Pet Lover